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School Accreditation

The Washington State AESD Accreditation process is designed to help schools develop practices best suited for them to continuously improve.  It is aligned with School Improvement Planning (SIP) and is personalized and adaptable to meet the specific needs of each school.  We at PSESD, are in support of professional development and continuous improvement for our collective educational partners.

This program was created to accredit Washington State schools. The Northwest Educational Service District 189 (NWESD) is the lead agency for accreditations which occur on a six-year cycle.

To date, more than 200 schools throughout the state have been granted AESD Accreditation upon confirmation by a panel of volunteer ESD Board members – middle schools, private schools, themed high schools, comprehensive high schools, and alternative high schools.



Washington State school accreditation was developed to ensure that the state’s high schools were adequately preparing students for college. It was intended to document programs of high quality for colleges and the patrons of Washington’s educational system. It is now open to all grade levels and is a voluntary, self-study process that is a research–based approach to school improvement.

The accreditation process supports a long-term vision for a performance-based educational system that aligns accreditation requirements to the continuous improvement of student learning, achievement and growth. The process provides for collaboration and deep reflection by the school community, for external review and validation of the school improvement plan, and the process that led to its development. It also provides a statement of accountability to the public.


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