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Teacher of the Year


Teacher of the Year is a yearly award that recognizes a teacher from the PSESD region that will then go on to represent PSESD in the state Teacher of the Year selection process. The process includes nomination, completing an application, and being selected by a panel of educators, parents, and students. The Teacher of the Year Awardee meets the Teacher of the Year Criteria as evidenced in their application and letters of recommendation:

  • The teacher has the respect of their community.
  • The teacher is knowledgeable in their field and guides students of all backgrounds and abilities to achieve excellence.
  • The teacher collaborates with colleagues, students, and families to create a school culture of respect and success.
  • The teacher deliberately connects the classroom and key stakeholders to foster a strong community at large.
  • The teacher demonstrates leadership and innovation in and outside of the classroom walls that embody lifelong learning.
  • The teacher expresses themselves in an engaging and effective way.

The nomination window is open for one month, typically from February 1 to March 1. Nominees then have the opportunity to complete the application from March 1 to April 1. Nomination forms can be found on OSPI’s Teacher of the Year webpage.


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