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Parent Professional Development

Professional development and leadership opportunities are available to families currently enrolled in Head Start, Early Head Start, or ECEAP, as well as to past parents who are currently participating in Policy Council.

Parent Professional Learning

Bus Driver Training

We offer free bus driver training opportunities for families. Upon successful completion of the training, participants receive a CDL endorsement to drive a school bus, a tour bus, a metro bus, a box truck, or dump truck and any smaller vehicle that requires a CDL.

Interpreter Training

Our interpreter training workshop provides participants an opportunity to learn about basic interpretation techniques, roles of the interpreter, confidentiality and ethics, and practice interpretation skills. Participants also learn about job opportunities as an interpreter, including working as a paid interpreter for Head Start, Early Head Start, and ECEAP. These programs use many interpreters to help families with enrollment, home visits, parent meetings, and conferences. All participants will receive a certificate at the end of the workshop and may then apply to become a Head Start, Early Head Start, or ECEAP interpreter, as well as receive information about other professional paid interpreter opportunities.

Peer Programs

Peer Programs is a leadership development opportunity for parents. They receive 12-15 hours of education and training in Health and Literacy or Math and Money. They then share with other Head Start, Early Head Start, and ECEAP parents through “Teachbacks.”


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Policy Council

We believe that family involvement and leadership are crucial to the success of our Head Start, Early Head Start, and ECEAP programs. Policy Council is the key decision and policy-making body for our Early Learning program. Policy Council representatives, who are elected by their respective sites, work in tandem with program administrators and the PSESD Board of Directors to make the decisions that directly affect children and families. Policy Council members participate in program planning and development, and approve all personnel and budget recommendations.

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