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Safety Services

A multi-ethnic group of high school age students are walking to class together before school.

Safety Services is a part of Student Support Services

PSESD is committed to supporting our school communities in their investment for the physical and social-emotional safety of all its members. Our safety services work in collaboration with community school safety stakeholders to support the efforts of local districts. Encompassing the areas of Behavioral Health and Threat Assessment, the Safety Services provides training that meets mandates within House Bill 1216, as well as other professional development, support, and technical assistance for your school safety needs. 

Threat Assessment Services

PSESD follows the Washington statewide adoption of the Student Threat Assessment program developed by Salem-Keizer Mid-Valley Student Threat Assessment System that uses a set of protocols and safety planning procedures to promote safe school environments. We run this through our race equity tool and assure all assessments operate through a race and equity lens. The model follows a two-level system that includes a school site-based screening team, called a Level I Assessment, and a multi-agency community team called a Level II Assessment.

The primary goal is to provide an immediate and systematic response to youth who pose a serious threat to commit acts of violence to others. PSESD offers training and brief consultation at no cost throughout the region. In addition, we offer a Threat Assessment Cooperative, offering unlimited training tailored to the interest and needs of the audience, a skilled Level II multi-agency team as requested, consultation from a certified threat assessment expert and forensic psychologist, tabletop and scenario opportunities to keep skills fresh, facilitation of L1 assessments when requested, and an advisory assessing our membership needs and guiding our service offerings. 

Safety Co-Op helps strengthen safety services for more than 20 school districts across the region.  Our members have access to resources such as networking meetings, professional development offerings, threat assessment training, our online community forum, and our annual Safety Institute.  

To join PSESD Safety Cooperative or for more information please contact Cassandra Dempsey.


Lawrence Davis
School Safety Program Manager (425) 917-7738

Nasarin Ahmed
School Safety & Threat Assessment Consultant (425) 917-7639