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Behavioral Health Navigator


Behavioral Health Navigator is a part of Student Support Services

With support of legislative funding, PSESD now offers a  network of support for schools and increases access to care for students. The Behavioral Health Navigator, engages in regional K–12 and community service partnerships through relationships and collaboration activities that will ultimately increase access to care for youth and families.

In addition, we provide no cost training, consultation and support for suicide prevention, intervention and postvention policies, practices and resource navigation.

Services Offered:

  • Coordination of behavioral health resources, supports, service providers, schools, school districts, and communities in the ESD region.  
  • Facilitation of partnerships across the multiple systems of behavioral healthcare services and supports for children and families. 
  • Ensuring the adequacy of systems level supports for students in need of behavioral health services through the integration of various service delivery models appropriate for the school setting.  
  • Collaboration with ESDs, OSPI, districts, schools, community partners, and other stakeholders to increase access to behavioral healthcare services and supports. 
  • Conducting outreach to school districts in the ESD region to provide technical assistance and training for expanding behavioral health services. 
  • Provide technical assistance and support to districts on plan development and implementation of their Plan for Recognizing and Responding to Emotional or Behavioral Distress authorized by RCW 28A.320.127.
  • If your district is in need of suicide prevention training and/or consultation please contact the Behavioral Health Navigator.

Behavioral Health Resources

PSESD has prepared some behavioral health resources to share. These resources are intended to help you provide support to students, families, colleagues, for potential stress or crises that could arise during this period. This year, due to the chaos of the pandemic, you and those around you may well experience this year with greater challenge than ever before.  Simple messages could be very helpful at this time for those who may struggle.


Danny Chae
Behavioral Health Navigator