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Regional Executive Leaders Of Color


Purpose-Driven Mission
Our mission as Regional Executive Leaders of Color is to support our leaders of color through direct support, based on their needs, to strive in our educational system.

Learning Targets & Action Objectives

  • Understand that leading for racial equity and justice in K-12 systems [individual, institutional, and structural racism affecting the workplace] is steeped in a long history of advocacy and our purpose is greater than any one person.
  • Identify core challenges in our work as leaders of color and their connection to personal, professional, and macro level patterns of inequity – reflecting on root cause and systemic impact – both intentional and unintentional.
  • Engage and explore solutions through experiential leadership activities that may also be used to engage members of school communities in issues of racial equity through supporting a reflective practice.
  • Assess the professional needs of leaders and teachers of color to support greater inclusion, diversity, and equity through recruitment, retention, and sustainment.

Supports, Resources & Opportunities

  • Healing-centered professional development, coaching/mentorship, and sponsorship from executive leaders of color, and other affinity-based networking opportunities.
  • Advocacy for statewide equity policies, procedures, and practices.
  • School Board Advocacy and Support for Board Directors of Color.
  • Leadership Development support for Educators of Color (ECLC) for school leaders and educational administrators.

Below you can find past videos of RELOC convenings. These video contains insightful comments from some of our most influential leaders of color. We invite you to take a look and join the discussion!


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Our Model of Commitment