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Multilingual Services


All multilingual students thrive academically and personally, belong to learning environments where they are affirmed in their language, identity and culture and develop English language proficiency in a manner which values and leverages their home language(s).

Programs and Networks

The ML Consortium is a regional network of Multilingual Directors, Specialists, and teacher leaders. We meet six times a year to collaborate around best practices, share resources and develop as leaders in supporting students who are multilingual/ELs.

Multilingual Learners Network is a network of school teams working together over the 2021-2022 academic school year to learn and test new approaches to support multilingual learners using continuous improvement methods. After this pilot year, we aim to expand to support additional schools in our region. For more information click Multilingual Learners Network tab.

The Additive Language Work Group is a working group of educators and community partners focused around the connection between language and racial equity. The group completed recommendations for shifting away from deficit-based language toward asset-based terminology used to describe students who have previously been labeled as English language learners. View the full recommendations and learn how you can support this in the Asset Based Language Tab.

Exploring Culturally Responsive Teaching Professional Development Series is a series of synchronous and asynchronous courses designed to support elementary and secondary teachers, as well as instructional coaches/specialists in providing culturally and linguistically responsive instruction. These courses will be offered again in January 2021.

joy agency and identity

Joy, Agency and Identity: Building Secondary Math Classrooms for All Students

This interactive conference focuses on supporting teachers and leaders in creating math classrooms that support the deep learning and belonging of all students. Our focus is on secondary math classrooms and students at the margins who have traditionally been underserved in math. There are tracks for teachers, leaders, and education technology. 

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Karina Vanderbilt
Director of Multilingual Services