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Our Vision for Mathematics Learning: 

All students, especially students of color, have culturally relevant experiences through caring adult relationships that allow them to have voice in their learning and see themselves as math learners 

Venn diagram showing Beliefs, Mathematical Content, and Practices

We believe that the path to this vision requires us to attend to Beliefs, Practices, and Mathematical Content in relationship with the families and communities that we serve. 

  • Beliefs about mathematics and learners of mathematics 

  • Pedagogical and Structural Practices 

  • Mathematical Content knowledge of teachers and leaders 

To ensure this vision, PSESD facilitates and supports networks and offers a number of resources & services.

joy agency and identity

Joy, Agency and Identity: Building Secondary Math Classrooms for All Students

This interactive conference focuses on supporting teachers and leaders in creating math classrooms that support the deep learning and belonging of all students. Our focus is on secondary math classrooms and students at the margins who have traditionally been underserved in math. There are tracks for teachers, leaders, and education technology. 

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